Our Partnership With The Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Our Partnership With The Continental Divide Trail Coalition

We’re excited to announce that PACT Outdoors is partnering with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition as a part of our effort to connect with people and organizations that are taking care of our public lands and trails and making them more accessible to more people.

The History of the CDT

Quick history lesson: In 1968 Congress passed the National Trails Systems Act, marking the official designation of the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails while setting the stage for the mapping of the Continental Divide Trail. The CDT extends 3,100 miles from Canada to Mexico, and is considered to be a “living museum of the American West.” 

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Ten years ago, the Continental Divide Trail Coalition was formed to provide leadership and an overall focus and coordination of efforts that land management offices with their broad responsibilities and limited budgets could not. The CDTC works to complete, promote and protect the CDT by bringing together a ton of passionate people on local and national levels. They do important stuff like coordinating volunteer projects, providing info and education as well as connecting visitors to gateway communities in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho to everything the CDT has to offer.

Our Partnership With The CDTC

The Continental Divide Trail runs the length of our home state of Colorado and has served as an avenue for hikes, runs, rides and cherished moments in nature. We want to ensure that the same opportunity is available for people of all different backgrounds for many years to come. 

This year, we’re donating $10 from the sale of every PACT Kit sold in the month of May back to the CDTC to support their work. 

As PACT grows, so too will our support. Next year, we’re planning to adopt and oversee a section of the CDT right here in Colorado. We see this as an opportunity to deepen our own understanding of trail conservation and management, which is central to our business. 

We’re also working to supply all volunteers that set foot on the CDT with PACT products. “Officially Poop Company of the CDTC”? We’ll keep working on that. 

In the meantime, check out the CDTC’s Interactive Map of the trail. You may be surprised at home much time you’ve spent there without even realizing it. More to come…

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