Jun 20, 2022 

Never Burn Your Toilet Paper...Like Ever

Never Burn Your Toilet Paper...Like Ever

If you live in the Western U.S., it's becoming increasingly clear that creating fire even with the most innocent of intentions is risky. Unless it's an emergency and we're fighting to stay warm, we're starting to ask ourselves, is it essential?

Last week, a man made national headlines when the simple act of burning his toilet paper spun out of control and turned into the Pipeline Wildfire that has so far burned 20,000+ acres in Coconino National Forest in Arizona. 

We hear this from people from time to time, that they would rather burn their toilet paper than pack it out. In which case we say, why not bury it? It’s better than the risk of starting a wildfire, and it aligns with Leave No Trace best practices.

Despite all the debates on the inter-web, Leave No Trace's policy on dealing with toilet paper has remained unchanged for 20+ years. If you’re digging a cat-hole 6-8” deep, it is acceptable to bury. And, this practice is backed by scientific research, including our own.

We created the PACT Kit and PACT System because the vast majority of folks are uncomfortable with packing out their poop and toilet paper. And, we get it. Carrying around your own poop is a practice reserved for the hardcore. 

So, we designed a better system using a species of mycelium (the root system for fungi) that decomposes poop and our PACT Wipes rapidly in the ground while killing harmful bacteria that can spread disease via wildlife, waterways and even our pets. 

PACT Wipes, which you moisten with a squirt of water, actually speed up the entire decomposition process when buried with your poop and PACT Mycelium Tabs. They’re wet, fibrous and made of plant material. So, the PACT Wipe serves as initial food for the mycelium. Better than packing out. Way better than burning. 

We're reaching an age where saying no to unnecessary fires is best, especially when it’s to burn poopy toilet paper. Buy a PACT Kit or some PACT Tabs and Wipes to add to your existing kit and be a hero, because...only you can prevent forest fires.